1999 Introduction.
This web site is an introduction to Recursive Programming using Java. It includes Java applets to illustrate recursion at work along with detailed help and instructions on Recursive techniques.

Recursion put simply is a technique of describing something partly in terms of itself.

Recursion is a valuable programming technique to master. It is however one of the topics which presents the most difficulty for lectures to present and for students to come to terms with. Recursion like most techniques has advantages and disadvantages. This educational system will attempt to introduce these general properties of recursion along with the specifics of individual algorithms:

2006 Introduction.
I wrote these applets back in 1999 for a university course at Queen's University Belfast. Unfortunately I have lost the source code some years ago. It is testament to the Java language and the developers that have preserved backward compatibility over the years that these java 1.1 applets still run today in unaltered form. There is one bug that I am aware of that sometimes causes the source code that should be present on each applet window on the left hand pane to fail to display. - This problem does not seem to happen with Java 6 installed.

- John McHugh.